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Tyler, Texas * USA * 903-948-2701 * kjmc0223@gmail.com

I am Makayla ♥

Hey! I am Makayla. I am proud of that name. My name is significant, because I haven't always been Makayla. But that's part of my deconstruction story that you will find in my book, Dear Kimberly...Love Makayla! (publishing spring 2020). Find more info here.

I am a wife to my favorite firefighter, a mom to six kids (half of which were adopted from foster care), an ESL teacher with VIPKID, a loyal friend, a religious trauma survivor who struggles with symptoms of CPTSD & is working on kicking it's butt, and so much more.

I 🖤 life, freedom, choices, coffee, friendships, individuality, uniqueness, diversity, challenging myself & others, nature, sunshine, rain, researching, learning, writing, talking, vulnerability, honesty, compassion, generosity, ambiguity...