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Life is a Mind Game

I teach for ESL for VIPKID, a full-immersion English company based out of Beijing, China. I get up every weekday morning at 4:17am to start class at 4:30. Thank you time-change. Before the time change this fall, my classes were starting at 5:30. This was mentally doable. It felt early, but not TOO EARLY. However, when it came time to fall back, if I didn’t make my body & mind make the adjustment, I was going to lose students and half of my income — and neither of those was going to be an option for me. But that would mean getting my butt out of bed at 4:17am!?!?!? That was NOT something I was looking forward to. My brain tried to tell me how exhausting that would be. I ALMOST believed it, but then I decided that I was in charge here — and I told it otherwise… I told my thought process that even if I WAS getting up at 4:17, I could make myself think that it was really 5:17. Just because the clock actually changed, didn’t mean that I personally had to officially make the adjustment as far as my mind and body go. I determined to make this work. I determined to never make the time adjustment on the inside.

Guess what guys, it worked! We are well into the time change by now, with it being almost the end of November, and getting up at 4:17 has remained a cake-walk for me. Occasionally, I do need a nap because I stayed up too late too many nights in a row and it all catches up to me. But this experiment showed me just how powerful our mind is. If I can make a shift to get up “an hour earlier” every day to teach class, and make it easy based on what I tell myself, WHAT ELSE CAN I DO THAT I AM MAKING DIFFICULT ON MYSELF?

What in my life is more difficult than it needs to be because of the story I am telling myself?

This got me thinking…where am I struggling in life right now…or where I am stuck…and what can I do with the story I am holding about it to get into the next groove I need to get into?

I want to eat healthier…What’s the story I want to create to make this possible?

I want to coach individuals who struggle with their identity & who they want to become, so that they can make the most of their life. What story do I want to create to propel me forward in the direction I need to go?

I want to write books…and I’ve started one…what’s the story I want to create to keep going?

I am a mom of six kids — I often wish I was better, had more compassion, was more nurturing, had more energy…What’s the story I want to create to bring me the energy and compassion I want to have in these relationships?

If I can create a story that enables me to get up consistently before the sun even rises, every single day, and continue to thrive & enjoy my job, then I can create a story to do anything that I want to do or be — I only have to want it bad enough.

And the same goes for you ♥.